I wish...

Some days I wish not to wish for anything but the other days I just do. That's how it is after all. Isn't it? We have all known what life is for as long as we are alive. But we still don't recognize it, or may be a good majority of us don't. Why is it that this happens? No idea, would be the very first, instantaneous  reaction. And then would start the actual response and that would be a thoughtful reflection. Reflecting upon who I am and what I want from my life. It's complicated, yes it is! But not impossible to understand though. 
                                                             ~ Amritbir 

The Last Day

Once again it's December 31. It has been a ritual to have a seemingly long, improbable and a questionable list of resolutions for the upcoming year. That has been our mantra of ringing in the new. I also put in all the energies and ordered all my mental channels to put their heads together and chalk out something for a way out of the end and rise again from the ashes on the first of January, may be just like every time. It's here that we may fall short of gathering up our own bits that we actually need to carry forward safely while stepping into the new, it's not all ashes after all. We need to have roots first, to enjoy the winged delight. 
For  me the Thirty First of December is the 'WHO AM I?' exercise time and I have been religiously following this ritual ever since I first wrote my blog post 'Who Am I?', way back in 2007. And it's different and distinct in flavour each time, for which I reward myself with a pat on the back that I have not been static and have certainly made a progress towards being the real me. It takes up a whole lot of courage to be our own selves in this world, where each one of us fighting it out to carve out an identity for oneself. 
I have grown up in the last one year, and of course, this does not entail the chronological progress, though that's a necessary evil! I don't look back at this set of 365 with any regret and I look forward to the new one. I believe love is not a past perfect tense, it is indeed a continuous tense. And it is this continuity that binds us with life. 
For all those things that I consider myself answerable to myself, I will continue to abide by them. 
I know what love is and that would continue to stay the same and not just be restructured and rebuilt on the lines of the world of convenience enveloping me. For all those things I am answerable to my loved ones, I will stick to them the same as I have done in the previous year. I'll stay the same in all those ways that restrict me from poking my nose into others' affairs, hurting others to satisfy my ego issues, falling in line with the typical and stereotype gender demarcations. 
I'll just be a bit more of myself making an inch of a progress towards being the best edition of myself.

Beauty of Rain

I wrote my first poem on rain and that too on a rainy day with raindrops falling on the marble floor outside and lashing against the window panes but knocking at the door of my heart to enter deep within. The drops that can provide solace to a burning heart!