Past, Present and Future

The past stood witness
to my present uncertainty
while future was evasive.
© Amritbir Kaur
Life is presented to us in three forms – past, present and the future. We often keep clinching to our past, refusing to move forward. A time comes when the past stares in our face – at that time we want to jump towards the future but life doesn’t move an inch. This happens because the more we cling to our past, more hotly it pursues us. And then we don’t have the courage to face it boldly.
What is required is that we maintain a balance between the three – past, present and future. It is often said – live in present. Very true indeed! But at the same time we must realize that we can’t detach ourselves completely from the past and also can’t help aspiring about the time to come. We all carry with us a bit of yesterday in our today – no matter how good or bad. The perfect recipe of life can contain: two teaspoonfuls of past, five of present and three of future; garnished with our adorable qualities and values of life.

Man Booker International Prize 2009

Alice Munro, the winner of Man Booker International Prize 2009 was born on 10 July, 1931. She is the third author to win this award, which is given every two years. The previous winners have been Ismail Kadaré (2005) and Chinua Achebe (2007).
The other contenders this time were:
• Peter Carey
• Evan S Connell
• Mahasweta Devi
• E.L. Doctorow
• James Kelman
• Mario Vargas Llosa
• Arnošt Lustig
• V S Naipaul
• Joyce Carol Oates
• Antonio Tabucchi
• Ngugi Wa Thiong’O
• Dubravka Ugresic
• Ludmila Ulitskaya

“Canadian short story writer Alice Munro on Wednesday beat Mahasweta Devi and a host of other literary heavyweights, including Nobel laureate V.S. Naipaul and Mario Vargas Llosa, to win the £60,000 Man Booker International Prize”, writes Hasan Saroor in ‘The Hindu’
The prize was announced on May 27, 09 and the author was presented with a trophy and the award worth £60,000 at the ceremony was held at Trinity College, Dublin on June 25.
Her works include:
Dance of the Happy Shades: And Other Stories (1968)

Who Do You Think You Are? - Stories by Alice Munro (1978)

The Progress of Love (1986)

The Love of a Good Woman : Stories (1998)

Runaway (2004)

• The View from Castle Rock (2005)

• Too much Happiness (2009)


Here’s a masterpiece written by a child. He lost his parents in the tsunami that struck South India and other island countries around on December 24, 2004 causing widespread destruction.

“Sea I’ll never forgive you anymore, even if your waves touch my feet a million times”.