Poker Faced Personalities

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We all have a masked identity. We are never ready to show our real visage to anybody around us. Never are we honest to ourselves, let alone being to anybody else. Often we try to be someone else. And in this impersonation we tend to lose our originality. The real essence lies in being just oneself. We actually underestimate ourselves when we are making an attempt to be someone else.
We try to either hide our emotions, or try to fake them. We don’t think of ourselves much, we only know that we have to keep up appearances in society. In keeping up, we badly let ourselves down in our own eyes.
Deception tends to rule our lives. This holds true especially in the modern world torn apart by materialistic tendencies. Ingenuity is missing. And this is not at all a sign of a healthy human society.
Being poker faced means not being spontaneous when it comes to display of emotions. Spontaneity is associated with being more natural. And this naturalness implies truthful. It is only after deliberation that we pollute the thing with untruth.
And doing this is not that easy, we have to practice that. Smiling when heart is crying, or just making do with a casual smile when you really feel like punching the other person hard in the face for some really big blunder or uttering something grossly rubbish are some of the instances when we display a look of our poker faced personalities. These are the situations when you basically cannot express your real feelings. So we have to take the help of fake emotions. At times, we learn to feign sheer indifference. We put on a cloak of being concerned when we don’t ever intend to be.
Apart from our words, even our body language too tends to expose our real thoughts. So we need to master the art of deception in that too. In the present times, we find a lot many poker faced personalities. It was Shakespeare who wrote as far back as seventeenth century:
“All the world's a stage,
And all the men and women merely players:
They have their exits and their entrances;
And one man in his time plays many parts…”

and these lines hold as true as ever.
We wear a mask daily because we are afraid of truth. We are afraid of acknowledging what is obvious because all that we have in our mind is deception—at times it means camouflaging emotions, while at other it is simply degrading someone else just for the sake the for And also because we are afraid to own our weaknesses and our real self. It is high time we stopped bluffing and mastered the art of ingenuity. That would definitely make this world a better place to live in…with a lost less grievances, tears, complaints and heart breaks. Let’s contribute our bit…speak up now, just as I poured my heart out in writing this post…


  1. Yes we humans wear a mask cause we don't want to see the reality coz reality exposes a lot of truth, truth that defines us in the real sense.
    All the very best for a great new year ahead:)

  2. Totally. But how do we figure who the real person is inside? and sometimes it might be better to hide isn't it. U might be attracted to a chick, and she might be going out with a friend of yours... isn't it better to pretend that we r not interested rather than being honest and face the truth. there is a bit of this side and that in this i feel.

  3. True,but we are encircled by Mukhotas around us.At times one has to behave so without really being so.

  4. Sometimes they are necessary ... V 4 vendetta,mask of zorro,phantom of the opera ... v live in a hippocratic society and most of the times thr is no scope for originality !!!

    Carry on the gud work !!!