Disease and Wealth

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One day disease said to wealth, “How lucky you are! People always vye with each other to get hold of you and I am so unlucky that everyone runs away from me!!!”
To this wealth addresses disease enviously, “You are lucky that people remember God when they have you. It is I who is unlucky because with me around people tend to be oblivious to the existence of God.”
Does that ring an alarm bell inside you? If yes, I am glad because that is exactly what I wanted. Just like any of those beings called humans, I too did the same…but trying to change that (another of the change brought by the New Year!!!). So coming back to the main issue, the point is if we believe in God do it at all times. Be thankful in happiness and be ready to accept the adversities with a heart that is always ready to take on with full zest and vigour. One of the reactions of a reader here will be ‘It is easier said than done!” Okay, but then aren’t examinations part of life! So take it as an exam. Remember, ‘there can be efforts that fail but there should not be a failure of efforts’.
There can be situations when we feel like blaming God for all the wrongs but remember we ourselves made a mess out of our lives. So no use blaming anybody! Admit you fault before it is blown up into a major one or before it is announced to you by others! It is better to be famous for a good reason.
So whether you have disease or wealth, accept it as God’s way of controlling your life. Remember these are the shades of life. Actually, they may be said to be two aspects of a complete life. It is of no use having wealth without any disease (read it as: having all the happiness without any grief to make you cherish your happiness all the more!).
The message is KEEP GOING!

© Amritbir Kaur
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  1. Nice post. In fact,God forgotten as the wealth is attained; leads to a life style that brings diseases. If we recall God when we get wealth, the same work as a hindrance toward diseases. Recalling God in any case is good thing.

  2. These days to lead a healthy lifestyle you need wealth for whatever healthy is wealthy in tag too.You can come up with a list of cheap healthy stuffs but then they are only healthy in books and not in reality.
    As Rowling quoted once that one who romanticized poverty is a fool.So if you want to be healthy get wealthy and if you want to be wealthy get healthy.If you can strike the balance then theres nothing else like that :)

  3. Well said again. I like the statement 'there can be efforts that fail but there should not be a failure of efforts'. That is the punch line and quickly summarizes all you had said and all you had to say.

    Successful people conveniently forget to thank the efforts of others that were part of their success and also to thank those who wished well for their success.

  4. Very true....
    God is to be remembered and thanked all the time...
    And nicely said - the last line - if not for our sadness, we can never appreciate happiness... :)