'3 Idiots' and Indian Education System

Watching ‘3 Idiots’ was a wonderful experience. And that too on the last day of the dying year…a perfect adieu!
Often we relish the flavour or the feeling that is left behind. So I’ll begin with what the film left behind – it was a sense of satisfaction, a feeling that at last justice has been done. Creative and innovative thinking was victorious, even after having signed the declaration of defeat. Even in life, it is only the winner in the true sense of the term who can accept defeat so easily because there is no ego involved.
Overall, the film is a satire on the Indian educations system, where within the first few minutes after the birth of a child is decided that the child would be an engineer as is done in the case of Farhan (R. Madhavan) in the film. The film has some very meaningful messages to convey.
• Don’t aim to be successful. Be a good engineer (can be applied to any profession) and success will automatically follow you.
• Fear is not good for grades.
• Choose the profession and course for which you are passionate.
• Don’t be a machine. Rancho (Aamir Khan) in the film is someone who is passionate about machines but he is the only student in the college who is not a machine.
• Rancho has the courage to give wings to his dreams and imagination, yet he doesn’t forget to help others realize their dreams – making both Farhan and Raju (played by Sharman Joshi) follow their hearts. He also devoted time to make Joy Lobo’s model of plane fly.
• The measure of success that was to be done on the fixed date (September 5) is mistakenly understood to be the wealth, palatial house etc. by the character teasingly called as ‘silencer’ his classmates.
• Only bookish knowledge cannot be the mantra of success. Like we say, ‘home is where heart is’, similarly, we can succeed in that profession into which we put in our heart and soul.
The situation of ‘I QUIT’ comes only when the real talent goes waste, when it is lost somewhere in the crowd of people crying hoarse for better grades.
We have to fool our heart and say ‘All izz Well’. Of course, very rightly mentioned in the film, this does not solve the problem but definitely gives us the hope and courage to face the storms of life.
The moments from the film which I cherish the most are: the concept of astronaut’s pen, the interview given by Raju towards the end of the film, the success of Rancho as a great scientist at the end (glad that creativity got the much deserving success)… all these and many more moments from the film make it a cherishable experience even after I have watched it; and my heart cries out:
“Give me some sunshine, give me some rain, give me another chance, I wanna grow up once again!”
In the end, I would like to say that the film is a must watch by all students, parents and teachers of course.

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Raj - Visakapatnam on 1/1/2010 5:41:47 PM
I felt the same as ms.A.Kaur did.Point to point.As said its a must watch film.and no doubt is the best film of the year.

KP - chennai on 1/1/2010 8:58:51 PM
beautifully written.makes me want to see the film

Ravi Kumar - Bangalore on 1/1/2010 10:47:39 PM
I completely agree... Its an awesome movie ! MUST WATCH for all !

Ricky - London on 1/3/2010 1:04:45 AM
Good Post.. By the way, that Astronaut's pen sequence is kind of made up to portray Rancho as a cool and clever thinker. Fact is when they Astronaut's began to fly they used pencils, but the often leads broke and became hazardous by floating in the atmosphere where there was no gravity. Leads could float into an eye/nose or cause a short in a electrical device. Also, both the leads and wood could burn rapidly in the pure O2 atmosphere (Apollo 1 fire). To fix those problems they invented that pen.

Farooq Hussain - Qatar on 1/3/2010 4:22:07 PM
GR8 View def u would be like Rancho in ur life. Aal is well.

PRASHANT B.GADKARI - MUMBAI on 1/3/2010 8:11:51 PM


  1. despite of controversy over story...i must say...movie is just great!!....first time such a gud movie on education system with such humour!!!

  2. Wao! I have not been as lucky yet to watch the movie but after reading that I am surely dying for it. Nevertheless Amir's works are never worth not watching.

    "Don’t aim to be successful. Be a good engineer"

    I being a SE would love to endorse that. Being a successful professional is difficult and often the task seems overwhelming. But being a good professional is the first step to a successful professional. So be a good then improve to the best!

    Thanks for sharing Amrit :)

  3. I havent seen it, but you review has beautifully brought out the jwels.

    I always say that whatever you do , excel in that, and success and monjey will follow you, but if you follow money then you get misery only.

  4. First of all I wish you all the happiness and peace for 2010 (and thanks for your email) The movie sounds like my kind of movie I put it on my list Thanks for that

  5. I haven't watched the movie yet, but I am sure this movie is going to run for a good while and I will watch it for sure. But I have seen the theatre play adaptation of 5 point someone and I liked it. I am sure with Aamir in the movie it is going to be poora paisa vasool.

    By the way, I liked this review. It has motivated me to watch the movie at the earliest.

  6. only a deep thinker like you AB can think and write the one you have written above....

    bow down to you my lord!

    good one...

  7. Yes,I have seen the picture and enjoyed it.
    I would like Kapil Sibbal to see it at least once.

  8. Hey Amrit! that was a nice review.

    Among us we have the Sahasrabuddhes wrecking the students' brains, we have Ranchos (though they might not be delving in their best friends' minds so deeper as the character in the movie does it), there are pessismistic Rajus in all institutes and ofcourse the omnipresent Farhans. This is one movie for all these people ie: for all of us indeed, as you mentioned.

    One of the plots in the movie which I felt was with a typical bollywood funda was the place where Rancho and his friends help Virus's daughter deliver baby in the lab. Though it added some humour as well.

    I agree... nice way to bid adieu to 2009.

  9. That was a nice review Amrit.I have both read the book and watched the movie and i liked the movie better with the changes that didnt disturb the excitement and charm of the book.Its a very good take on the indian system of education and how it has to change for the good.But as long as prejudice and status is attached to professions the current system is going to prevail.The setup has to change for the educational system to change.Hope it happens in soon.

  10. Its soo good to see this information in your post, I was looking the same but there was not any proper resource, thanx now I have the thing which i was looking for my work.

  11. Yup. The movie is a kind of must watch. As far as following your heart thing is concerned, India doesn't really provide the platform for all that. Given the compulsions we are stuck in, job always comes first. A lot needs to be changed to be able to give everyone the freedom to do what he wants ! Not sure when its gonna happen :( .

  12. Great review on a wonderful movie. from my experience, i can tell everyone - thats what exactly happening in prof-colleges.

    They dont care what we do, They dont care how creative we are, They dont like over ideas, And they dont care about any thing. They only need marks. and when these students come out of college to the industry, they have nothing but marksheet.

  13. Your analysis of the movie is indeed exploratory. I happened to watch this movie only recently.

    For a eternally long time, (may be ever since I was a student) I had always wondered why such trivial educational hazaards had never been dicussed on literary or artistic platforms. Now that many poeple are identifying with this, I am indeed happy.

    I have written a detailed analysis myself elsewhere on the technical education system in our country, as sprung from the movie collecting viewpoints of various elements in the industry

  14. The movie truly raises some serious questions pertaining to the current education system. All thanks to the father of the concept - Chetan Bhagat and his masterpiece - Five Point Someone!