Natural Calamities and God

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We all are aware of the recent calamity that had the island of Haiti devastated in no time. Since olden times, whenever there is a catastrophe, people have a tendency to say that it is the vengeance or wrath of God. A question that needs to be pondered over is that: how justified are we in blaming God like that?
It is often a characteristic of human behavior that a person gives vent to his anger a bit ruthlessly. Can God do that? If your answer is YES…think twice, because that would mean saying qualities of God and human being are similar. This can never be. If your answer is NO, then we have to find out the logic behind such occurrences.
By blaming God for all the wrongs of our life or injustice being meted out to the world in general, what are we trying to prove? We only demonstrate our own incapacity to deal with the adverse circumstances. Blaming God or fate comes in handy for us actually (that includes me too, because I may be I too did the same but I have changed myself lately ‘The Height of Optimism’ ).
Infact, we are ourselves to be blamed for the wrongs being done. Construction and destruction is the part of the game actually. What man has done to Nature has its reaction. But we must not say that Nature or God retaliates, it is actually like we say ‘do good and have good’. Much in the same vein if we go on damaging natural surroundings and go on with reckless use of natural resources we are bound to face adverse conditions, may be in the form of earthquakes, landslides etc.
The above said is simply what came to my silly little mind, the readers or theologists may or may not agree with my views. Everyone has a right to disagree. Kindly share your views here so that we can take this discussion forward and try to find answers to some questions that have always seemed unanswerable.

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  1. Destruction of nature has been on for years together.Sometimes for political reasons, sometimes by land mafia or various other reasons.
    We have no business to destroy which has been giving us our daily dose of intake.
    But,aren't there enough laws in the country?countries to stop such activities?
    Why are the laws not being implemented?

  2. No logic,no blame game, will work so far HIS administration is concerned.
    We should only obey HIS WILL.Only HE known what is best for us.

  3. "Natural calamities" - the word itself holds answers to the questions raised, or so we think. It is natural that this calamity had occurred, but there are reasons for them to occur in the first place.

    Historical analysis would perhaps prove that things to which people don't have an answer to is often referred to have celestial/divine intervention and hence the concept of God comes in. Mankind has found safe refuge in transferring the the blame or credit to God and wash their hands off it. This is what is happening here too when people call these natural disasters as a result of the "wrath of God". But they really haven't reasoned it out if it is fair to do so. However, this post could serve as an eye-opener to the ignorant souls who think irrationally (that could very easily include me too).

  4. When good things happen to me, I give credit to God and my past deeds that I might have done.

    When something bad happens, I believe god is trying me.

    But how come 2 lakh people be put to test at the same time.

    Is such situations, and when some unexplainable good or bad happens to me or others, I tend to believe that happiness, luck, success and the reverse thereof is all a matter of randomness that is spread across the universe.

    It will probably take my whole life to reach a conclusion on that. Or maybe more!

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