'A Search' - poem

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When there was darkness all around,

when the black sky did surround,

when every hope of light was drowned,

where were you all the time?

When nobody was there to lend a shoulder,

when tears too did smoulder,

when no one was to be the candle-holder,

where were you all the time?

When by words was the heart broken,

when nobody else could offer a love token,

when all made me lonely and forsaken,

where were you all the time?

Probably You were within me,

guiding and protecting me:

through the tough times You carried me

that no one else could have done for me.

© Amritbir Kaur


  1. God is just by our side 24/7 and we fail to feel his presence :) isnt it ironical, we run after things and forget that God finds a solution for all our problems, he just wants us to work hard...lovely poem Amrit, thanks :)

  2. A very touching poem, Amritbir. Indeed he was within you, giving you constant hope and encouraging you to live and hope. Beautiful.

  3. God is within everyone, guiding in the moment even when you fail to see single source of light!!

    such nice thoughts!!:)

  4. Beautiful. WE know god is there all the time. Like an all pervading invisible guide, he keeps on managing little bits of life around us to finally lead to a big peaceful result in the end.

    And you placed that very beautifully.

  5. Can anyone answer???? Why God always give sinals??? Can't he tell us directly???Why he simply not bless us with the knowledge he wants to give us???Why He wants us to learn n to experience???Perhaps He wants us to value his blessings... But he wans so???Most of us think that life is a journey ... All of us have to merge in almighty one day... But why He has created us???Why we have to merge in Him???Why He has created this Earth n universe??? Why He has given birth to all his creations???Why he has created bad things along with good things???Who is God??? Zyaadaaa ho gaya... I am not debating against Him ...I believe in 'fear n faith' philosophy...but these are the questions which always confuse me... Can anyone help???Plzzzzzzz...

  6. Many a times, we fail to look within ourselves. And in times of trouble is when we begin to question our faith, when what should have been doing was deriving strength from it...

  7. @Sana: Thanks for your precious and continuous feedback that encourages me no end.

  8. @Akashdeep:I am indeed thankful to you for your wonderful comment and glad that you interpreted it so beautifully.

  9. @Pooja: I would really love to try to answer to your queries. I hope you feel a bit satisfied by my reply. Let me try!
    First of all, what you say that why God doesn't let us know directly? and why he gives only signals? I feel if we know what is to happen next so easily, then there would be no difference between a human being and the eternal power.
    God has given humans a brain so that we can learn with each experience and make living on this Earth a wonderful experience. It is only we who misuse that intelligence.
    Why bad things along with good things??? I would say that if bad things do not exist how would we define the concept of good things. It is the existence of evil that makes us admire honesty, sincerity and all other good things.
    You said you belive in 'fear and faith' philosophy. I always say ther is a difference between fearing someone and respecting someone. We should genuinely respect and have faith in God and not be reverent towards God just out of fear. Where there is love there is not place for fear.
    I hope you accept my answers. If there's anything else you would like to discuss, you are most welcome.
    Do visit again!

  10. Respected Amrit Mam,
    Thank you so much for your valuable reply of my questions...You are always a source of inspiration for me... I love to read your poems... Perhaps, you would not recognise me...I am an x-student of the college where you have taught two-three years back... I always think how can one be so calm!!! And I am getting the answer on your blog...As far as 'Faith & fear ' philosophy is concerned... I did'nt mean that we should fear from God in order to respect him... I meant that we should understand that God is a neutal judge... If He can love us than he can also punish us if we do something wrong with anyone else...

    Mam...please continue writing and sharing your creative thoughts with us...
    Thank you once again...[:)]

  11. You have a fan in the school also her mane is shubhdeep. great work deep and meaningfull.