The Height of Optimism

Yesterday evening, I suddenly heard myself singing, “Give me some sunshine, give me some rain, give me another chance I wanna grow up once again” (courtesy: a song from ‘3 Idiots’). That set my mind thinking. I travelled back to my childhood days of sheer innocence and pure bliss - the time when the only thing broken was toys and the only thing that hurt were skinned knees. I stayed in the cozy comfort of my home for two and half years, and then went to a nursery school for one year. By the time I was three and a half I was in school. But now I had a chance to grow up again. So school would be a bit different now! Having got an opportunity to live all over again, I polish, mould and prune myself according to my new-found dreams. In my mind I start growing up once again. It was indeed a very charming thing to do. But a big question was: How do I change my life for the better?
A simply answer would have been: By erasing bitter memories, unwanted experiences and also by undoing the unexpected turn of events. So in my mind I jotted down a list of all those moments. Then reliving all those one by one I had a strange feeling. I tried to imagine my life without all those painful episodes. But I couldn’t … strange!!! I was shocked at myself for this! I should have been the happiest person but I wasn’t happy. I couldn’t bring myself to accept a smooth life without any heart-rending ordeal. So no matter how much I complained till date, I had realized that each and every experience had some relevance. I had heard others tell me this, but their words were not been as convincing as has been my own thought process. Safely I can now conclude that I don’t want to change my life. I am happy with myself, with what I have and with what I am. Now I no longer want a ‘Redo’ or ‘Undo’ button in my life!
Hitherto I knew myself as an optimistic person. But now this was the height of optimism!(at least that's how I put it!). I would cherish all the memories with no bitter after-taste. I don’t want to change anything because I don’t want to forget anything. After all, that is the wealth of life…
© Amritbir Kaur


  1. Life is a bundle of experiences,some pleasant and some unpleasant.As I wrote elsewhere we enjoy warmth because we have been cold and we like light as we had been in darkness.I think we can experience the joy of life because we have known sorrow.But the bottomline is that we look at life with positive optimism and never look back.
    A very well written essay as always from you

  2. "the time when the only thing broken was toys and the only thing that hurt were skinned knees." such a nice definitn of childhood!

    u have freshness in post!

  3. True !! Very true...
    Lovely post...and it..

    But sometimes there always have a feel - of - If i would have a put little effort - a little time ....a little more smile...for the great miss encountered in life. But better life if no regret of the past....

  4. Hello Amritbir ji

    Very nicely written... "wealth of life" :) nice way to end it :)


  5. hi!height of optimism.........remembering the past with its plasters and pain....yet happy about it...yeah that's life

  6. Very uplifting post.Whatever happens in our lives happens for purpose.We should takes everything in our strides.Optimism in life always pays.
    Thanks for sharing an enlightening post.
    God bless.

  7. Some things cannot be erased, and its better not to will take its own course.

  8. Very rightly said....
    we should never have regrets... After all thats why we say life is the greatest teacher...
    As we pass each day, we gain a lot, whether through hardships or joy...
    Thanks for the post...

  9. Very nice post. How a life full of only good would look like ? Probably, we can't imagine. But surely its gonna be boring. Ups and Downs are what keep it going and on track. If one sees no bitterness in his life he won't realize its value. Life looks good as the sum of all the sweetness and bitterness !

    God Bless !

  10. Thats we call 'attitude'. What to say, "Live the moment right now." :)

  11. Childhood is indeed Moore's Utopia distilled.

    With the good comes bad and such is life. Just good would be perfection to a fault.

    You have a very nice blog. Meandered in from the blog-o-sphere..

  12. A great post. I think that we learn to appriciate the day when we have experienced the night. In our struggles we learn and grow and come out better at the other end.
    Have a nice day