Humour - the Spice of Life

Humour has been called the spice of life. Laughter is the best medicine. What I want to add to it is that making others smile is a good exercise. This one is a healthy exercise for the heart. A large number of people indulge in damaging exercises like mud-slinging, backbiting, passing sarcastic remarks etc. All this leads to only heart break or heart ache. It is of no use trying all those because it needs to be kept in mind that we get what we give to the world. Heart is the hub of all the activities, the thing around which the whole life revolves. So why not keep it all aglow with the bliss of satisfaction, peace and nobility.
First and foremost condition for spreading joys around you is to be open to criticism. Accept gracefully whenever you are the centre of the joke. Let your heart say, “All is well” because at that time you are only spreading smiles on the faces turned gloomy by the onslaught of the modern lifestyle of man.
Next, never be ashamed of being called a fool. Remember ‘every man is a fool for at least five minutes a day’. Moreover, also bring to your mind the Shakespearean fool – the wisest person of Shakespearean drama in the garb of a jester or a fool.
Never be sarcastic or talk in a tongue-in-cheek manner. You won’t ever gain by hurting others.
Never give up, even if people don’t laugh at your jokes. Remember a friend is the one who can manage to smile at you silliest joke…so be assured somebody is there who can enjoy even the worst of your jokes.
Target those who have the will and wisdom to continue the refreshing wit started by you. Let the chain build by itself.
Steal moments from life for sharing a smile at least if not laughter. As W.H. Davies remarkably wrote in his famous poem, ‘Leisure’:
“No time to wait till her mouth can
Enrich that smile her eyes began?”
Wait for the smile to brighten up your surroundings. It is then that you can feel some kind of uplifting aura around you.
So the key-phrase is KEEP SMILING SO THAT OTHERS CAN!!! :)


  1. Sir, you are not only spreading laughter, you spread literature, creativity and certainly you want people to rise above in culture and behave in a better way, thin better, create laughter and give up backbiting, passing sarcastic remarks etc.

    I can't resist my self to say that you have cherished the character of Ranchordas of 3idiots in you much before the character was written and formulated.

    You are able(kabil) and success jhak marke has come to you.

  2. Very Very nice.It not only suggests laughter , it also is humorous.

  3. I read somewhere that when we smile, we are passing the message that, "I am very happy to see you"

    Imagine that everyone we see is smiling at us. Would be a great world to live in.

    So guyz, start following Amrit's advise.