Picture or Person

An old English proverb says, ‘First impression is the last impression’. I don’t know how true the statement is! And I say this because in life we can never be so sure and so we cannot make such sweeping statements. Sometimes a single encounter with a person is not enough for even a glimpse into the personality.
Many times people tend to judge a person from a picture of his/hers. But can we know even a hint out of them? Not exactly sure. A picture is just like a peep out of the window to the outside world. But they may be deceptive. Shakespeare rightly said in ‘Merchant of Venice’: “Goodly apple rotten at heart.”
Often we say things are not what they seem. This may be true in both ways – a seemingly good thing may be just the opposite but a bad thing apparently may be a good one. So how do we become better judges? Actually what matters is the heart. No matter what the external appearance is it is the heart that matters. A beautiful heart makes even an ugly face look really gorgeous. But a person with evil designs and a heart full of ill-wills would make even the most beautiful face the ugliest.
So on one thing we should all agree that a picture cannot be a good judge of the person. Look for a beautiful heart instead of a goody exterior!


  1. Unexceptionable and truly said.
    But the snag is there is no easy way to look at the heart in casual meetings except by long association which is not always possible.So we trudge along making mistakes in our lives

  2. Hello Amritbir,

    Simple words say it all!
    Nice article & the best part is I like the punctuations marks that you use in your articles. I love your writing skills.

    And, rest my remarks about the content: It couldn't have been better than this!!

    Perfect :)

  3. Beauty is in the beholders eyes and hence the idea of beauty varies from person to person.Face is the index of the mind, if this is true then all the beautiful minds should be beautiful.
    With all this proverbs i forgot what i was trying to tell you :(
    So i shall think and let you know when i recollect what it was :)

  4. Nice message and I agree. It is true that we do judge people with baseless assessments that are neither accurate nor rational. It takes time for anyone to understand any other person's true colours.

    I always remembered the proverb as, "First impression is the best impression". It can never be the last. But still, how do you know what is best and what is worse? These statements never make sense to me.

  5. of course a face may lie but heart does not. True heart speaks its own language
    But very hard to read that & express that
    Wish some day i be able to do the both but more important the latter one that is to express true heart feeling through the body

  6. Touche!
    Appearances are deceptive. We often misunderstand people on the first meeting.
    Great post.

  7. but then they also say that a picture says a thousand words :)