The Terrified Man

We, human beings, tend to live in constant fear. No matter how hard we try we cannot liberate our mind from the ensnaring clutches of unwarranted claims exerted by the uncalled for fears. Why can’t we ever detach our mind from those binding ties? To enjoy the bliss of life in the real sense, we should heed to what our heart says. This is because the heart’s voice often tends to be a true one (provided we have a clear conscience!).
Living in fear as a terrified man implies that we simply exist as it does not construe life in the real sense of the term.
The fear is a very broad term. Sometimes we fear failure but at times we are even secretly afraid of success. The old English proverb, ‘Do your best and leave the rest’, tells us not to be obsessed or over expectant about the results. It also conveys a message that we should work whole heartedly.
Now coming to living like a terrified man, let us analyse this concept a bit. Just imagine your life right from your childhood. The moment we are conscious of the world existing around us, fears start to creep in into our mind. Life begins with the fear of sharing toys with siblings or with others. An added fear at this age is of the toys being broken. Then comes the stage of being terrified at the thought of going to school, the scarring teacher, the bullies in the school etc. Of course, who can forget the fear of examinations!!!
There is the stage of ‘storm and stress’ (as Stanley Hall calls it) – the age of adolescence: a complete package of all sorts of fears, apprehensions, doubts and endless worries related to all sorts of boy talk or girl talk!!!
Then life brings you at crossroads and you have all the apprehensions about joining another institution for higher institution (a university or a college). A shift from school to college or university is seen as a big shift in life of every individual.
Once the education is over, then fears encircling us are those related to get a decent job that gives you sufficient financial freedom that you could live a life free from all fears of going to bed on an empty stomach.
This vicious cycle of fears goes on endlessly throughout our life…the fear of losing someone we have or the fear of not having someone you want…the fear of being beaten or the fear of accepting victory with the essential grace…the fear of leading a good life or the fear of death…the fear of telling lies or the fear of speaking the truth…the fear of not being able to see the new horizons or the fear of venturing out in search of those new horizons…
And life goes on...we live in fear and die with it…may be afraid of revealing our identity after death even, we chose the nameless graves to stay unknown and unseen…


  1. How true Amrit, we live in constant fear without realising as to how important it is to let go..not beyond limits but definately beyond the purview of our a creatve destination where life begins to form a meaning.
    Thanks for the wonderful post!

  2. So true. I've been thinking over the same lines for a while now and it's very hard to come out of those fears, esp. fear of failure. But then again, fear keeps us on our toes and hence we do our level best.
    Great post!

  3. Hello Amritbir,

    Really portrayed so beautifully ...!!
    Touched my heart...

    And ended very gracefully, Perfect!


  4. very true... fear is an integral part of our life... we live because we fear to die... very interesting post...

  5. nice one especially last line that we choose nameless graves
    fear is of course part of life. People often say some fear is good if constructed properly as it motivates u
    But truly Dar Ke Aage Jeet Ha

  6. How true and very well written.
    You are right, the kind if fear depends on the stage of life one is in.
    But, really I feel it is the fear of death which gives shivers to everyone.

  7. You are very neatly brought out the concept of "living and dying with fear". Indeed, how true these sentences are. Fear is endless, and it will keep haunting us if we try to run away. If we face it we run the risk of fearing to lose the battle against fear. Fear is the apprehension that is actually removing the life out of life. Is it possible to shed it completely? Or, can we battle it and live fearlessly? Possibly not.

    However, to live with fear is an impossibility too. It is quite a vicious thing! I hope to find a way out of my apprehensions and I hope I do it soon before I start walking the streets like a zombie.

  8. We cannot condemn all fear.Some fears are necessary to grow like the fear of being mediocre.Fear God,fear of wickedness,fear of lawless living and fear of ignominy are all essential.Imagine a world full of people untrammelled by fear-a veritable jungle.

  9. So true. Excellent post. :)