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Trust is the basis of any relationship. How do we define trust is entirely our personal matter. We might call the thing subjective. Some might define it as the consistency of someone’s character, others might mean to say that they can trust a person if he/she does not change with time; or someone who behaves as is expected from them. Trust is like giving some authority to the person you trust. Generally when we say we trust someone, it means that person will not backbite about you. Instead he might criticize you in front of you but will praise you behind your back. Even if some mischief monger tries to turn you against him/her you won’t believe him, as you trust that person.
A stamp of trust is when a person says about you, “This person cannot do such a thing.” This happens when we need not speak because our action and conduct speaks louder than our words.
Hurting is the biggest setback for trust. How true what Friedrich Nietzsche said, “I'm not upset that you lied to me, I'm upset that from now on I can't believe you.”
Imagine the tearing of a cloth into two pieces. Then we say we can join it. Of course, we can do it but what will you do with the joint? You cannot convert into one piece again. Same is the case with relationships. Once distrust creeps in, things are not the same again. Similarly, once a person hurts you, things cannot be forgotten so easily.
The quote above mentions: “You hurt me once, shame on you. You hurt me twice, shame on me.” Now we have two situations. In the first one, the person A has been hurt once. It is shame on person B (who has hurt A) because B has hurt someone who trusted him. In the second situation it is shame on A as it is him/her who made the mistake of trusting B again, even after having been hurt once. Now don’t get lost in this story of A and B…the message is serious!!!
So be sure before you trust someone. By trusting someone you are not only resting your faith on him but also giving him an opportunity to hurt you. And who would want to take a risk!!! But once risk taken, then don’t abandon the boat midway, let it touch the shore and that’ll be all the more beautiful. This is because trust can make life beautiful but HANDLE WITH CARE…IT IS SOMETHING BREAKABLE!!!


  1. Loved the quote its very meaningful, how one can hurt us the second time until we allow them to...thanks for such a meaningful post Amrit :)

  2. Hello :)

    Trust - What a deep subject chosen! :)
    I dont know but whenever I say this word, I feel the depth everytime :)

    I liked your post!

  3. I know it can hurt.But is there any way one can identify a person or a situation where on is sure of full trust?

  4. If you can trust someone the way you can trust yourself and it is reciprocated then thats the beginning of a great relationship :)

  5. A very true definition of trust Amrit!

    Something that is as clear and as fragile as glass. I totally agree with you.

    Keep writing!