'Without You' - a poem

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I was alone when with you
And lonely without you,
No matter how I comfort myself
I’ll be incomplete without you.

This world where I live
Is so scarry without you,
I can’t smile to my self
And say “I am ok without you.”

My heart humbly asks “What happened?”
“Nothing” I say thinking of you,
The heart’s reply, “I’m shattered with your nothing!”
And I don’t know how to go on without you.

© Amritbir Kaur
(just to suggest that please don't copy!!!)


  1. This one is so nice...
    I loved it...
    especially the last verse...
    The heart’s reply, “I’m shattered with your nothing!”
    Lovely it had blended with the emptiness expressed..

    its so true...special things, special moments, special people always leave space in us...when gone!!

  2. @ Shruthi..thanks a lot for your feedback. Indeed, it is the emptiness we feel that matters in any relationship.

  3. "I was alone when with you
    And lonely without you"
    I wonder how deep the emotions run on this one.

    My take on this one is that the person is talking about his loneliness. You are alone with it and lonely without it too. Sometimes you crave for it. The verses "This world where I live Is so scary without you" sort of reinforces this assumption of mine. The din is every confusing and ever raising, and all you need is some peaceful time with yourself.

    I may be wrong, but this is what I felt! :-)

  4. short and sweet... just got a little confused with the first two lines...

  5. Hi Amrit,
    It's a nice but very plaintive poem. I think one feels the true depth of one's love when the beloved is gone. And yet, as you have said, the company of the beloved also leaves one feeling alone. It's a complex thing, I guess.

  6. @Vittaldas Hey, thanks for the wonderful comment. As always you have interpreted it wonderfully in your own way..thanks once again.

  7. Wow.. so deep and nice..