Never give up...

"It's hard to wait around for something you know will never happen
but it’s even harder to give up especially when it's everything you ever wanted."

What a wonderful thought! It has some universal applicability, in the sense that it can be applied to many situations of life by all at some point in their lives. The quote rightly depicts the contradictory emotions that we often face in our daily lives. We all have to go through such situations at some point of our life. There are some things we aspire for although in our hearts of heart we might be aware how hard it is to attain them. But still we find it hard to give up because the thing means a lot for us. This is what makes life go on…this helps to maintain continuity in life.
So what we need to do is to keep going…and never give up. Who knows we might land up at a place where we wished to be!!!

'The Wait' - a poem

Pic src: Waiting

I stood there watching
his footprints embedded,
I waited for the moments
that were never there.
Waiting for a spark
from the Heaven,
that was not to be.
The moving finger undid
whatever I etched on
my mind’s colourless canvas.
My eyes hovered there
for a while,
O that there was hope!
But that was not to be.

© Amritbir Kaur 

Women's Day

"We are cute daughters, sweet sisters, lovely lovers, darling wives, adorable mothers.
We are a source of strength. We are Women."
A very happy Women's Day to all the women around!

Pic Src: Girl Child

On Women's Day today, a news making it to the front page of the Ludhiana supplement of 'The Tribune' made my head hang in shame: Baby girl left to die in beehive
Shouldn't we all be ashamed for this? As a part of the society, we all are at fault. Each one of us is just as guilty. Society is not something that exists in absentia. We all make up this society but when it comes to blaming for the wrongs, we most casually blame it on society, as if that is some alien thing. Folks, it is high time, we tidied ourselves up and become civilized in the true sense of the term.
As a tribute to the girl child, I would like to share one of my poems, 'Female Foeticide':

A spark of life
about to die,
a cry that’s unheard –
and the unmindful
that looks on!
Mother’s womb is just
cradle turned into grave,
where death comes with life,
where lively lives are laid to rest.
A cry piercing the walls –
the walls of separation,
reaches out;
but oh! falls on deaf ears.
“Let me breathe, oh,
let me live!
They say like mother, like daughter;
O Mother!
Your own fleshes don’t slaughter.
Give me lungful of fresh air,
let me, O, let me enjoy
life’s little pleasure,
let me enjoy the high flight,
the flight of my dreams;
please don’t pity,
don’t pity my poor plight.
Give me wings to fly
the taste of success
even if want to try.
Mother, I am your part
please don’t set me apart.
Think of your childhood:
your mother’s lap
and your father’s pat
your brother’s care
and a family fair.
Don’t deprive me of
the joys of infancy,
exuberance of childhood,
the teenager’s fancy, and the
satisfaction of motherhood.”
The very word ‘motherhood’
rings a bell,
she thinks of her mother –
her poor helpless mother
her piercing pain,
the heart-rending torture.
And she forgets all,
her own self;
the pain vanishes
the flowers dry away
her dreams lose colour
the shadows don’t haunt her
on her face spread palour.
Mother’s face fills her sight
tears lurking in mother’s eyes
while pain stood staring at her.

© Amritbir Kaur
(just to suggest that please don't copy!!!)

The Touch of God

Pic src: Nature

Have you ever felt like you had the best conversation with your friend even when silent? Did it ever happen that when you had lost all hope, suddenly you spotted a streak of light entering your life? Did you ever receive help when in dire need from the most unexpected quarters? Were you ever witness to the most eloquent silence of someone close to you? Did you ever experience a heavenly feeling when having a cup of steaming hot coffee sitting in your verandah with rain pouring? Have you ever felt the beautiful smiles the flowers shower upon you whenever you pass by?
All these are life’s nothings but in the real sense they are life’s everything, the life’s real essence. Just imagine your life without even one of such that you experienced. Your life would be much less magical. These are all small miracles of life that endear us to our life and make it all the more worth living. They are the moments when we feel the touch of God. The moments, no matter how small and short-lived, are cherished forever as the most precious ones. It is said that we cannot blindly follow the dictates of our heart but another fact is also equally true that it is the heart with all its emotions and feelings that makes our life so ‘full of life’.