The Touch of God

Pic src: Nature

Have you ever felt like you had the best conversation with your friend even when silent? Did it ever happen that when you had lost all hope, suddenly you spotted a streak of light entering your life? Did you ever receive help when in dire need from the most unexpected quarters? Were you ever witness to the most eloquent silence of someone close to you? Did you ever experience a heavenly feeling when having a cup of steaming hot coffee sitting in your verandah with rain pouring? Have you ever felt the beautiful smiles the flowers shower upon you whenever you pass by?
All these are life’s nothings but in the real sense they are life’s everything, the life’s real essence. Just imagine your life without even one of such that you experienced. Your life would be much less magical. These are all small miracles of life that endear us to our life and make it all the more worth living. They are the moments when we feel the touch of God. The moments, no matter how small and short-lived, are cherished forever as the most precious ones. It is said that we cannot blindly follow the dictates of our heart but another fact is also equally true that it is the heart with all its emotions and feelings that makes our life so ‘full of life’.


  1. That's a beautiful thought Amrit!Cheers to your post!

  2. a very inspiring post... a true gift of nature, happiness lies in small things but we most of the time overlook them and seek for a bigger happiness eventually being unhappy... wonderful reading...

  3. Hello Amritbir,

    Wow! Beauty... :)
    Touch of God -- So much depth and so much real!

    Loved it!


  4. Beautifully said.This post is also one of such kind like the smiles of beautiful flowers we pass by, the aroma of steaming hot coffee while rain is pouring outside or the silence of someone we love.There are countless blessings that make our heart smile.Thank you for the splendid post

  5. magic moments of life,
    moments thats till still,
    moments that gave us a pill
    to have our hearts fill....
    yes! without those moments we are nil...
    gr8 thought , liked it

  6. Outstanding.A lot of feelings must have gone into writing such a piece.

  7. Dear Amritbir,
    Good Evening!
    This is really surprising ;I was watching a PPT on touch of God and I was writing a post on reasons to celebrate today.So,I can relate so have expressed very well,
    Each and every moment we must celebrate.
    Wishing you a lovely weekend,

  8. nicely said amrit.. it is the heart that makes our life so full of life... :)

  9. Amritbir,
    It is a nice Post. Silence says more than words. If one can't understand & feel the prevailing silence, he can never understand or know true meanings of said words. Keep it up with such nice posts. :)

  10. Those are the most beautiful questions i have ever come across in my entire life :)
    Simply mind blowing post :)
    Just feels as good as Sachin's 200

  11. That's right. That really is right!! :)