'The Wait' - a poem

Pic src: Waiting

I stood there watching
his footprints embedded,
I waited for the moments
that were never there.
Waiting for a spark
from the Heaven,
that was not to be.
The moving finger undid
whatever I etched on
my mind’s colourless canvas.
My eyes hovered there
for a while,
O that there was hope!
But that was not to be.

© Amritbir Kaur 


  1. Beautiful theme very well written :)

  2. one can have hope, and defenitely dream of something, knowing its never going to happen, but the amount of time spend on those dreams has to be reviewed unless we are a real free bird...which unfortunately no one is...

  3. Hope is what keeps all of mankind alive to this day. All people, businesses, relationships survive on the basis of hope that there will be another day.