Women's Day

"We are cute daughters, sweet sisters, lovely lovers, darling wives, adorable mothers.
We are a source of strength. We are Women."
A very happy Women's Day to all the women around!

Pic Src: Girl Child

On Women's Day today, a news making it to the front page of the Ludhiana supplement of 'The Tribune' made my head hang in shame: Baby girl left to die in beehive
Shouldn't we all be ashamed for this? As a part of the society, we all are at fault. Each one of us is just as guilty. Society is not something that exists in absentia. We all make up this society but when it comes to blaming for the wrongs, we most casually blame it on society, as if that is some alien thing. Folks, it is high time, we tidied ourselves up and become civilized in the true sense of the term.
As a tribute to the girl child, I would like to share one of my poems, 'Female Foeticide':

A spark of life
about to die,
a cry that’s unheard –
and the unmindful
that looks on!
Mother’s womb is just
cradle turned into grave,
where death comes with life,
where lively lives are laid to rest.
A cry piercing the walls –
the walls of separation,
reaches out;
but oh! falls on deaf ears.
“Let me breathe, oh,
let me live!
They say like mother, like daughter;
O Mother!
Your own fleshes don’t slaughter.
Give me lungful of fresh air,
let me, O, let me enjoy
life’s little pleasure,
let me enjoy the high flight,
the flight of my dreams;
please don’t pity,
don’t pity my poor plight.
Give me wings to fly
the taste of success
even if want to try.
Mother, I am your part
please don’t set me apart.
Think of your childhood:
your mother’s lap
and your father’s pat
your brother’s care
and a family fair.
Don’t deprive me of
the joys of infancy,
exuberance of childhood,
the teenager’s fancy, and the
satisfaction of motherhood.”
The very word ‘motherhood’
rings a bell,
she thinks of her mother –
her poor helpless mother
her piercing pain,
the heart-rending torture.
And she forgets all,
her own self;
the pain vanishes
the flowers dry away
her dreams lose colour
the shadows don’t haunt her
on her face spread palour.
Mother’s face fills her sight
tears lurking in mother’s eyes
while pain stood staring at her.

© Amritbir Kaur
(just to suggest that please don't copy!!!)


  1. Heart rending but it is happening on the sly.Lot needs to be done to change the mindset.Rducation,more education to women to give her economic independence is the pnly way to secure for them an equal share in the society.

  2. Thanks for the beautfiul post and a very happy womans day to you!!

  3. Its a pity that girls are killed till date and are considered a burden although they are the ones in most cases who come to their parents rescue when they are left alone.
    Its important to realise that a woman is the one who forms the society, she has the power to give birth and to raise a family.
    An educated woman can form generations of educate ppl...
    A woman has the power...
    Its time to respect her presence on earth.

  4. A very happy women's day to all the lovely ladies.

  5. :) What can i say? How in the world do you write such beautiful poems.I find it hard to fathom the mind that delivers such beautiful lines.
    You threw light on a incident that requires attention and you chose the right occasion.
    Way to go :)

  6. Yes, it was a disgusting news.
    Sri Guru Granth Sahib reminds us:
    A wonderful poem loaded with deep feelings and great message.
    Thanks for sharing.
    God bless.

  7. Hello Amritbir ji,

    I mean I am speechless after reading the entire composition of yours!
    What a brilliant choice of words and feelings altogether.

    Hats off!


  8. you have really drawn attention to a very serious and sensitive issue... their struggle for existence in a patriarchal society has been going on since ages and still they haven't been able to get justice to their rights... liberation and equality has been a leader's speech or content of a book... discrimination, disrespect, domination still prevails... thank you for raising voice for our women... actually this is what our writing should in real sense depict... really heart-touching verses as a tribute to all women in the world on the occasion of world women's day...

  9. I don't understand why people don't realize that a girl child is the same that will become a future wife, mother, sister and everything that life needs to exist. I don't know how much more dumb these idiots can get! I only pity them. Really twisted minds that are really in need of treatment.

    A very heart-rending poem you write. It is so sad. But it is very powerful because it clearly shows the wretchedness of a few people.

  10. Disgusting things people do. You gave a powerful message through the poem. I guess this is the poem you recited in the college?

    Just like Surjit Ji mentioned above: So Kyon Manda Akhiye Jis Jamme Rajan.

  11. Thanks for posting the poem. Similar to your poem is a touching song on female feticide by Jasbir Jassi which you can listen here: http://mistersingh.wordpress.com/2008/11/07/a-touching-song-rakhri-di-tand/

    It is actually a poem by the Punjabi poet Gurbhajan Gill.

    Please keep writing against female feticide.