Random Thoughts

Whatever we possess, we earn for ourselves. It is our actions that speak for themselves. We do not have to shout from rooftops what our accomplishments are; they need to have some strength in themselves to stand without any support. There is one funny definition of a politician: "A politician is a person who promises to build a bridge where there is no water." Now this is something the politicians have earned for themselves!!!
When we say that there is rampant corruption around us, it is because we deserve that. It is we who have cultivated the habit of getting our work done after we pay bribe. Then we blame the government very conveniently, without paying the least attention to the fact that it is not the PM or CM who are there to take the bribe. The officials take because we offer them.
Then comes the question of carving out an identity for ourselves. A person is just a speck in this world...an unknown speck lost in the sands of time. But every drop counts after all, and making the drop count is exactly what we can call carving out an identity.
No matter how many roadblocks you face, don’t stop.
“My mind tells me to give up, but my heart won't let me.” So as I always say....KEEP GOING !!!


  1. I think it is easy to say all this.
    How can we expect corruption to end whe it is alleged that--

    Juicy police stations are "auctioned"
    Sales tax officers have to pay to get posting there.
    And so many more examples.
    Yes, CM and PM are not collecting the bribes, but it gets "distributed" proportionately.

  2. corruption is corrupt minds playing with the corrupt policies of the corrupt government.