Silent Time

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We all love to talk. We all would admire people who listen to us intently. But have we ever asked ourselves…Do we listen to others? Are we just as patient listeners as we want others to be?
Many a times we would fail to come up with a satisfactory answer. That is because we all love to be heard but don’t want to bother our ear buds or give our minds a shake in trying to grab what the other person is trying to convey.
We are poor listeners so to say. One more related concept is that of silent time. We should be aware that our body and heart talk with us. If I were to ask the question: Do we try to understand what they want to say? I would see only few nods in answer to this question. That is because we are so engrossed with external disturbances that we don’t find any time to lend an ear to our inner self. We are made deaf with the noises of the modern materialistic world that our ears have got used to not paying heed to sounds of other humans and also internal humming made by our sweet little heart!!! And remember we don’t need a stethoscope for that!!! It is simple, direct talk without any hypocrisy, without any malice…sans all selfishness, if only we have that discerning ear to listen to that!
I think I have often written in many ways that silence is a wonderful form of communication. Try spending some time with yourself. You will discover a new YOU…with all new enthusiasm, with a recharged vigour to face life courageously again…no matter how much other people try to pull you down, no matter how painful the journey might have been, no matter how heartless people might have been earlier…you are ready to face it all over again, with a fresh hope that life won’t be the same again:
What if I can’t have
what I wish to,
I still can achieve
what I aspire to.
(Lines taken from my poem ‘What If’)
© Amritbir Kaur


  1. Hello Amritbir :)

    I love your compositions... they are always so true and genuine. So close to reality which usually we cannot accept.

    And the best alignment plus punctuation marks are seen in your writings... Perfect!


  2. I find it very peaceful when I sit alone in a coffee shop to myself.
    Silence is the most communicative language.

  3. Hi! Amritbir,

    Hmmm..again something from u that leads to introspection,U know,in sales its been taught that we have to be a good listener to be a good sales man, how we reach others mind, how deep we understand his feelings thats the where on earns and wins thru listening, even a good friend...has to be a good listener
    so lets sharpen our ears and understand the world... :)

  4. Most of us are poor listeners.We may be silent seeming to listen but our minds wld not be silent wandering around or framing a reply to what is being said without comprehending in full.Good listening is a skill acquired by practice.Being silent often and turning inwards may hone a good listening skill.
    I liked your post

  5. Pretty good post. I just stumbled upon your blog and wanted to say that I have really enjoyed reading your blog posts.Any way Ill be subscribing to your feed and I hope you post again soon

  6. In one of my current posts I wrote about solitude and your post too naviagtes the thought...sitting with oneself and reflecting inwards helps us to be one with peace.
    Well written!

  7. Good Observation ! We all happen to suffer from this at some point of time !

  8. Great post. I just spend a few days in the mountains were you can here not else than some buzzing bees and some singing birds. After a while you are so tired and you don't talk but just listen to the silence. Magical. I really love and need to retreat from all day life. Without it I couln't cope.
    What a gorgeous picture b.t.w.

  9. Good one...:-) I loved reading it again and again!!

    And remember we don’t need a stethoscope for that! <-- i loved the way it framed. Guess we all keep searching for stethoscope and at las forget wht we want!!