Some words.... (a poem)

Turning the pages of life
I found some words
some half-erased
others half-written.
Of some tales
only the beginning...
of others the end missing.
Alas! Some words still unsaid
some lost in the deluge.
Some fell on deaf ears
some left hearts untouched
some hold my heart in place
some try breaking it
but words are there
some half-erased,
some half-written.

© Amritbir Kaur


  1. A beautiful verse.
    In life many things are not spoken explicitly for various reasons resulting in mumbling some and leaving many unsaid.Such half written or half spoken words are the outcome of opaque minds that lack transparency.Sometimes a total silence would be more welcome than half baked messages.

  2. Hi Amrit,
    The poem is beautifully carved but somewhat it reflects a pessimistic look!! I understand that it is merely an imagination but still it looked to me as cynical!

  3. Seems to reflect a writers plight...half written words...
    beautifully written!

  4. Very nice. How words are said, listened to, heard, ignored, etc. These words are always there.

  5. Hi! Amrit,

    words erased,half writtten, unheard, anyting....
    as long as its found while turning the page of life....those words have life...thats it,
    well written :)

  6. Your words do reach me and touch me. Great poem

  7. Personally, I love the use of "half-baked" in a poem.