A Pledge on this Mother's day

Pic src: Mother

Mother is one such person who can understand our silence and our thoughts even when we cannot speak as toddlers. But when we grow up we start grumbling, “You don’t know anything, you don’t understand me...” Do we mean that???
And if we really mean that...shame on us! We must think twice when we utter these words again.
Tenneva Jordan rightly said, “A mother is a person who seeing there are only four pieces of pie for five people, promptly announces she never did care for pie.” How often have I seen that happen I know!!! We all have had such experiences, after all, there are certain universal traits of a mother.
One more pertinent question that I would like to raise on mother’s day is: Why do we need to have old age homes? I think they are a blot on our society. Let’s pledge today to make our hearts more spacious even if our homes are not. Amen!


  1. Well said.
    A happy mother's day

  2. Hi! Amrit,

    That question from your heart should pierce into our society's heart...
    well said loved that last line...

    Though we dont need a day to love our mother, lets make her, really special.... on this day
    Happy Mothers day.

  3. Wonderful post & it doesn't need an occasion :) like Mother's Day to say that ... Mom is the 'best' :)

    Good post!


  4. Good one let them be in our hearts and homes

  5. Till we make our hearts more spacious, we need old age homes