Food for Thought

I have often been asked as to what my source of writing is. My spontaneous answer is, “I write whatever enters into the realm of my silly little mind and heart.” Having been confronted with question once again, I glanced within myself to look for a more satisfactory answer.
Life has been called a huge canvas. This statement could be interpreted in two ways. In one sense, life is a blank canvas onto which we are to splash colours according to our ideas, thoughts and aspirations. In another sense of the term, life is a canvas that presents before us a host of hues to ponder upon. It is a chain reaction actually – picking up one colour from life’s broad canvas and creating one’s picture with it.
Experiences are also a major source of creations. But we need not experience all the things ourselves. What is required is a heart that can feel what a human might feel in a particular situation, may be a painful or a joyful experience. Instead of a thinking head, it is the thinking heart that is likely to result in a “spontaneous overflow of powerful feelings recollected in tranquility”, as Wordsworth rightly remarked about poetry.
A common complaint that all parents must be having with their kids these days is that they waste so much time over ‘SMSing’. True! Time is spent but I feel it is not totally wasted – now you might consider it as an attempt to save myself :) But many a times it has happened that an SMS has proved to be food for thought for my ideas starved mind. On this note I would like to share a few thoughtful messages:
“People say they love rain,
But when it rains, they use an umbrella.
People say they love the sun but when it shines they search for the shade.
People say they love the wind but when it is windy, they close their windows.
That is why I get scared when people say ‘They love me’. “

“When we care for a person, their mistakes never change our feelings because it’s the mind that is angry while the heart still loves them.”

“There are times I find my hands full of friends. I want to hold them hard as I fear that I’ll lose them. But then I tend to laugh when I realize that they are the ones holding me.”

So the essence is to keep looking for inspiration from wherever you can…and keep going! Keep writing!


  1. Hi Amritbir, thats a lovely and a delicious food fr thought i'd say..

    very true. Maintaining the relations makes life beautiful always...:)

  2. When we care for a person, their mistakes never change our feelings because it’s the mind that is angry while the heart still loves them.”...this is so true.

  3. Yes, you are right. Life goes on like this.
    A nice post.
    God bless.

  4. Hi! Amrit,
    That was a lovely thought u have painted in the minds of readers this time, so true, all need colours to be added to their life, be it on a blenk canvas we splash, or a vast canvas we select from, colours need to be added to life and when we say we need colours those who act blind towards them do not enjoy the real essence of life....knowing, rain, knowing sun, knowing wind, knowing love, kmowing all that adds colours in the true sense... is indeed the essence ...

  5. Those lines were so profound. Liked the post.