Kamala Das' THE RAIN

The Rain

We left that old ungainly house
When my dog died there, after
The burial, after the rose
Flowered twice, pulling it by its
Roots and carting it with our books,
Clothes and chairs in a hurry.
We live in a new house now,
And, the roofs do not leak, but, when
It rains here, I see the rain drench
That empty house, I hear it fall
Where my puppy now lies,
(From ‘Only The Soul Knows How To Sing’)

The famous poet Kamala Das’ first death anniversary falls on 31 May. She died at the age of 75. Here I am presenting one of her poems as a tribute to this legendary Indian English writer. I found this poem very thoughtful and full of emotions. That is why I am sharing it here.

The last word of the poem ‘Alone...’ says it all. This is the most brilliant aspect of poetry...one word is so powerful that it alone says more than a complete sentence. Let's all enjoy the beauty of this verse as a tribute to the poetess.


  1. Aami as she was known,Kamala Das known for her fearlessness and daring has left an indelible mark in the literary field.It is thoughtful of you to havve remembered her and posted her poem.

    I agree that the poem is touching.

  2. very touching n everlasting poem..

  3. Hi! Amrit,

    When reading if one word stikes deep in ur heart and that words intention becomes the readers feeling, then there lies the success of the writer, and kamaladas/kamala surayya was one such writer.....still leaving imprints...
    A nice gesture of tribute to a gr8 poet from you :)

  4. May be I am not worthy enough to understand the intricacies of thoughts in this poem. For I am sure I just saw the upper layer. A deeply moving poem. Thanks for sharing it here.