Still there...

Pic modified by: Amritbir Kaur
Original source: Are you still there?

This is not a regular post. It is just to remind my readers that I am still alive!!! Not to be seen very often on my blog these days but still there...with words stuck somewhere in my heart, sometimes refusing to come out and at times playing hide and seek. There have been times when I felt words tossing and turning inside. But they refused to come out. Then there was a time when I wanted to pen down something but the thoughts refused to be bound into words. But I would be posting very soon... and also try to maintain my regularity, not only because of the readers who wait for my posts (I do hope that there are some!!!) but also because I write for myself. I need to express myself and what could be a better way than using the ever-uncomplaining and patiently listening words.
I still have a long way to, I have to fulfill the promises I made to myself:

But I have promises to keep
And miles to go before I sleep
And miles to go before I sleep.


  1. "I still have a long way to, I have to fulfill the promises I made to myself..."

    You would find me waiting :)


  2. You are adept in the usage of English.What you need is just a determination to put your thoughts in wirds.I am looking forward to your posts at the earliest

  3. Hi! Amrit!

    Hmmmmmmm.....writers block??
    maybe u r not satisfied with wat u write, looking for more perfection?
    as u go all the miles before sleeping, remember that there are people on your way, waitng for those wonderful thoughts penned by you :)
    Hve a gr8 day.....with lots of thoughts that turn into words :)

  4. i love to see you going ahead every mile with my
    first with naked eyes
    then binoculars
    then telescope

  5. We all go through the phase. Don't worry. We are all around waiting for you to come back with your best. :)

  6. We await your return. :-) And now we know you intend to do so. Cheers!