The Lessons of Life

We all try to learn new lessons from our experiences – whether good or bad, each day teaches a new lesson. Each moment the life is new. But we try to keep on holding the reins of our past, even when the horse is gone. In the meanwhile, we miss hiring a new horse. This is to say, while we are too busy holding on to our past, we miss the opportunities that future offers us. The first thing we need to keep in mind is that whatever we do leaves an indelible mark in our lives. No matter how much we believe in the policy of forgive and forget, at some point of time we can find some obscure traces in our mind that flash before our eyes unannounced. But at the same time our focus should be in conditioning our mind in such a way that we write off the memories of bad deeds that someone has done towards us. Not only this, we should also delete from our memory the good deeds that we have done for others. This would mean we are not troubling ourselves by bothering for the returns. “Dream as if you’ll live forever, live as if you’ll die tomorrow”, said James Dean.
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Some readers might feel this was an abrupt end to this post...but my mind stopped with this let me cherish this dream forever...while you move on...


  1. Hi! Amrit,
    Lessons of life is something that we also try but not succed to do in real life, to let past not haunt us, but its like an uninvited guest, will appear any time leaving a sudden panic in our heart, but those who succed in honouring that guest with a smile will do succeed...
    so lets dream & live life to the fullest with a smile at the uninvited guest.... :)

  2. There is nothing that has not been said.The message is complete by itself and full of wisdom.Clean the attic of mind as we do our attic in the loft of unwanted things.Allow new and pleasant thoughts to occupy the space leaving very little for the past ones.
    Thanks Amrit

  3. we write off the memories of bad deeds that someone has done towards us...this is proving to be very tough to me, but this is the best advice.

  4. Great thoughts. By living in the past we are not only closing ourselves from the opportunities of the future but also missing an opportunity to live in the present which is the most precious of all. I did not feel that the ending is abrupt. It actually leaves us with wisps of thoughts lingering.

  5. Hello Amritbir :)

    "holding the reins of our past, even when the horse is gone" -- Fantastic!

    It is always wonderful to read your articles as they are so true to life and reality!

    It is really well-written :)


  6. Dear Amrit,
    Good Evening!
    A real inspirational post!You have done a great job arousing the importance of values that we should have!
    Wishing you a wonderful Sunday,

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