The Music goes on... (a poem)

Life is beautiful
I say, lost in thought
my dreams vibrant
my paths green:
the flowers blooming
each day glowing.
Soon winds change
sea turns stormy;
and decaying flowers:
telling tales of lost spring
it was the last lesson I learnt
of truths hitherto untold.
Mysteries stood unraveled
the realities revealed…
Joy and pain swapped places
destination did a vanishing act,
Does life go on then? I ask.
May be when
tune turns awry
the music goes on…
But oh the difference!

© Amritbir Kaur


  1. Dear Amrit,
    What a marvelous piece of writing. This poem successfully depicts the different mental state of oneself!
    A superb attempt!

    Keep it up!!

  2. Hi! Amrit,

    Destination is a destiny, to reach it or not, all lies in how we try for reaching it, when all unraveled mysteries and untold truths stare at us all way along, the music that tunes our heart, defenitely takes us forth, an awry music may also ring melodies.... as life goes on, coz its our mind that tune them...and let ur mind be a beautiful composer to all tunes that fall upon...

  3. Very profound indeed... As the seasons change, the winds may change directions, but it will remain.
    Beautiful analogy of the tune changing but the music remaining...
    Thanks for sharing!

  4. Fantastic poem
    so lovely written :-)


  5. Pranam,

    Madam, initially the flowers brought the spring in, in the form of difference; so in the end 'the difference' narrated a story of 'Oh the difference'

    Realities are revealed itself by it's own nature.... That's why its called realities... But the facts are to be traced out.... That wont get reveal itself....

    Destined destinations wont cheat us by engaging to a vanishing act... But the determined destinations may do so... The reason you explicitly stated here:'Soon wind changes'....

    Mysteries are 'my stories'....(in all cases)
    Presence of Sun made the flowers bloom, and absence of Sun will decay the same....

    I think all of your flowers(poems)bloomed without the presence of an outer Sun.... So these flowers wont fall ever....

    Keep it up....