Best Friend (Story)

Today it was Ammu’s turn to vent out her pent up feelings. She had been a patient listener to her friend just a day before. Having someone to listen to gives such a nice feeling – even if it’s only a nod – just a nod too could work wonders at times. Fighting back the tears in her eyes with a forced smile Ammu went on to say, “I always used to tell myself ‘Life goes on’. Very often I reminded myself – doesn’t matter if the tune turns awry, the music goes on’. Look where I have landed now!” Silence prevailed but she perceived a nod from her consoling it was for her!
“I never expected this from myself. Inspite of firmly believing the philosophy of ‘life goes on’, I still see myself standing at the same place. Yesterday I found that I had not moved an inch.”

“Ammu come have your lunch”, Mom’s voice called out.

“Not yet hungry Mom”, pat came Ammu’s reply.

“Don’t delay too much”, the mother again reminded. Ammu could sense a tone of worry in her mother’s voice but she did not feel like having a morsel even, so tried to console her mother with a reluctant “Okay”.
Then falling back into the same stream of thought, she continued, “At times I just wish to be myself...with nothing to be done, nothing around me and nobody near”. At this point of time, Ammu was on the verge of breaking down but that magical smile did the trick! She flashed that million dollar smile to fight back those tears.
Just then a loud thunder was heard outside, and a sudden flash of lightening added to momentary glow to the gloomy atmosphere of her room.
At times Ammu felt that what she was indulging in was more of a monologue but then she had a feeling of satisfaction of having given vent to her most innermost desires, the pain of her shattered dreams, the disappointment of the paths that turned topsy-turvy...Today her best friend had been there to listen to her – a friend, who had always been there when she needed the most.
Having said all that, now she was ready to fly again – she felt the butterfly feeling, the wind in her wings and her dreams began to gain colour once again...she is ready to bounce back till she crash lands again...”This is how life goes on”, Ammu said, and planted a kiss on her diary while closing it for the day – after all, that was her best friend!

P.S. This is my first attempt at writing a story. Although I wouldn't exactly call this a story, yet it most closely resembled a story :)
So kindly bear with me :)))))


  1. The maiden attempt has not been in vain.You have brought out a brilliant story with a small twist at the end as bonus.Keep posting more stories.I look forward to them

  2. **At times I just wish to be myself...with nothing to be done, nothing around me and nobody near”

    at times i too feel the same..u did it well Amritbir..:)..nice story and enjoyd reading it..

  3. Your attempt at writing a story is definitely a success. It is a nice heart-warming story. Very hopeful too.

  4. Hi! Amrit,

    Ammu, ammus friend and her thoughts were very well coneyed throught his wonderful first attempt of yours, afterall freindship & its reliability is knownt to us when those moments spend gives us the butterfly feeling :)
    loved the term butterfly feeling :)

  5. Dear Amrit,
    A good attempt!Being with oneself,doing introspection gives a lot of satisfaction!
    Wishing you a lovely day,