My Thoughts

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What if I am nobody, what if I am just a common silly little creature..lingering around in this world. Sometimes I even ask myself, what am I doing, where I am, who I am...and then suddenly I see myself standing there: amidst the dense forest, by the side of a lake flowing from beneath the shed autumn leaves, listening to the beautiful song of a nightingale...I travel for a while, just to be myself, just to be with myself.

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  1. Where have you been Amrit!Long time but thats a great quote :)

  2. That is beautifully written Just to be in the moment is to be alive

  3. To be ourselves and with ourselves is a state of bliss, where ever we are....But can we be with ourselves when with so many around us, tending to our work, our chores, our family and our friends ? I think that we can, when we hold HIM within us as a companion in this journey of life. We tread to our destiny with each step we move with quiet restiveness.....