Be Positive: the glass is always half full

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“Life is never so bad that it cannot get worse”, this is what Bill Watterson had to say about life in his famous cartoon strip ‘Calvin and Hobbes’. The message is of sheer optimism. The glass is always half full’ and ‘every cloud has a silver lining’ are age old adages used very frequently to imply hope, optimism and positive thinking.
Robert Browning, the famous English poet, known for his optimism went on to say, “God’s in his heaven; all’s right with the world”. The basic idea behind being optimistic is that we shouldn’t think that life doesn’t offer the ‘undo’ or ‘redo’ options as a computer keyboard does. Rather, take life to be clay and yourself to be a sculptor, who moulds the clay into the desired shape. Believe that you make your own life. But if you fail or face disappointment, modify the shape of the clay or remould it. Don’t consider a failure, dejection or disappointment as an end. Rather take it as a new beginning:
“I rise I awake
to a new beginning
from this end starts
an endless journey.”     © Amritbir Kaur

You must have all heard about the oasis, which is a green area in a desert. Now if we compare the desert to our life: while journeying through the vast deserts of life if we hope to find an oasis the journey would be all the more beautiful and life more lovable.
I would love to tag here one of my poems on optimism: I STILL BELIEVE


  1. Thanks for a very uplifting piece stressing the fact that it lies in our hands to shape our lives and look forward with positive atttude

  2. And up behind the clouds, the sky is always blue

  3. After reading this i breath a new air ,Motivating is the best way for success..Really Inspiring and Motivating.