Words are all I have

Pic Src: Words
Someone said, "Take these words and do what you want to do with them." Now this was something I never expected. Normally words come out so spontaneously that I hardly have to look other quarters for some help. But now I had my hands full with this gift of words. And I had to do something with them.
I always say that words are all I have. They come so easy when it comes to expressing myself in writing. But often it happens that we feel tongue-tied. And that too even when mind is so full of thoughts. This is the exact situation I was in when I received this unique gift.
I took hold of my pen and then it began to flow smoothly onto the blank page in front of me. I had to ink in the tale of life on this empty canvas. And then a word picture emerged. It was my story, a story of how my life changed one day suddenly. It would never be the same again. And was I happy! I was on cloud nine...and the story ended happily with love showering its blessings forever.


  1. I am so happy for you at the turn of events bringing joy and happiness in their wake.Best wishes

  2. That was a nice read.:-)
    I understand that so much... I could end up being tongue-tied at times. But somehow when I'm writing I can express myself better. Words are all I need actually! :-)