'The Spring in Autumn' by Parambir Kaur

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I am hereby publishing an article from Hindustan Times(28 March, 2011) that was a very interesting reading and  presented with a meaningful message about life. I do hope reading it will leave you enriched with an exalted philosophy of life. Happy reading!

Find below the text of the article:

Author: Parambir Kaur
Source: Hindustan Times
Dated: 28 March, 2011

The pleasant breeze was refreshing and the mountains looked breathtaking. Tranquility reigned supreme as 10-year-old Harneet, on a vacation, ventured out with his grandmother to a nearby park.
What would one not give for such blissful serenity, a rarity, in today's fast-paced and clamorous life! And if there was any sound that broke the silence, it was either that of a bird chirping or the wind rustling past dried leaves on trees. It was autumn and the expanse of dry leaves in varied hues looked beautiful.
Piles of yellow, brown and reddish green leaves were, as if being, presented on an enormous platter. Some trees had a few dry leaves still hanging on to them with new, tender and green shoots coming up atother ends. The piles of leaves looked inviting, at least for Harneet. He ran through them and jumping all over, enjoying the crackling sound beneath his feet. He called out excitedly, “Come on dadi ma, just try walking on these leaves!“ But his grandmother only smiled as she looked indulgently from the bench she had just occupied. After rambling around for a while, Harneet came and sat beside her. As usual, nature was at its best in autumn.
Pointing to the yellow leaves on a tree, granny turned to him, “And those yellow leaves came to this tree in the form of tender green ones last season!“ “How did they change their colour?“ asked Harneet. “Yes child, there is no greater magician than nature. These tender shoots are emissaries of spring.
Soon there will be bloom and cheer all around.“ Harneet looked up at his grandmother, “But dadi ma, even now there is so much beauty and happiness everywhere.
Look, some of the falling leaves look like they are flitting about like butterflies!“ “You are right child; autumn too has a beauty and music that no human being can create. But the sensitive ones can discern and thrive on it for sure,“ she said.
Just then Harneet jumped and grabbed two golden leaves, flying past his head, “Look, how they shine!“ “Yes it is their last shining act, child and then either the wind will carry them to some unknown place or snow will bury them forever. Soon, it will all be over,“ his grandmother said, letting out a deep sigh.
Harneet became alert, “What happened dadi ma?“ “Beta, I am reminded of the time when for me too, autumn meant nothing but jumping over a stack of dry leaves. What bliss it used to be! Those were the days....“
“But what happened now?“ Harneet asked, touching his grandma's shoulder.
“I feel akin to these dry, yellow leaves, now here, soon nowhere!“ “Oh dadi ma, weren't you admiring the beauty of autumn a few minutes ago?“ The smile returned to grandmother's face.
She hugged him and said, “Thank you my child, for reminding me. Really, we cannot be grateful enough for all the stages of life. Each has a distinct charm.
And you know, it's because of this truth that the two of us are here right now, revelling in the spring of autumn!“

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