"This world is not perfect." (Dalai Lama)

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“The fact that there is always a positive side to life is the one thing that gives me a lot of happiness. This world is not perfect. There are problems. But things like happiness and unhappiness are relative. Realizing this gives you hope.”

A short message that can do wonders in making you a better human being! Essentially this world is not at all perfect as we see it and feel it. With all the flaws so glaringly visible (as is shouting from the rooftops) we can hardly call it something perfect. I have frequently heard from my mother that ‘this world needs to be constructed all over again’. As a young one, who is exuberant and enthusiastic, I could not fully grasp the import of these words. Now that I myself have to suffer because of the maladies of this world, I can very well comprehend the psychological implications of these words.
A few years ago I had written a poem, entitled ‘What if’:

What if I can’t cry
when heart is heavy,
I still can wipe a tear
with my laughing eyes.

What if I can’t fly
even if heart wishes to,
I still can soar high
with daring dreams.

What if words fail me
when it is most important,
I still can surely make
my silence expressive.

What if I can’t have
what I wish to,
I still can achieve
what I aspire to.

© Amritbir Kaur

It just depends on your attitude when you see the glassful or as half empty. The fact of the matter is that it contains liquid equal to half the capacity of the glass. The key to success and individual happiness lies in the point of view that you carry. It is often said: ‘It is better to cover your feet than to carpet the whole world’. And then you have a bagful of hopes and aspirations to be fulfilled…


  1. Very thoughtful poem! I liked the expression what if and positive answers to each of it!

  2. What a lovely post. I really enjoyed it and the photo too. Whether you see a glass as half empty or half full is the crux of it. I always look for the positive and it makes me a much happier person than those who look on the bad side.

  3. Indeed a heart-touching poem.. great inspirational thoughts