Pic Src: Heat
Sometimes when the weather is nice
Sometimes when the clouds gather around the scorching sun
Sometimes the heat melts our bones
Sometimes we don't feel the heat even when it's so hot
Sometimes when the mind is clouded with a thought
It is then that we need a shade from the scorching sun
It is then that the shade is provided by care and affection
It is then that those two are missing
It is then that we miss those two the most....

(P.S. I don't think this can be taken to be a poem...but it is just that I penned my thoughts as it is.)

Daily Inventory

This is what the word 'inventory' entails according to the Oxford Dictionary:
Pronunciation: /ɪnv(ə)nt(ə)ri/
noun (plural inventories)
• a complete list of items such as property, goods in stock, or the contents of a building.
• chiefly North American a quantity of merchandise or goods held in stock.
• (in accounting) the entire stock of a business, including materials, components, work in progress, and finished product.

You must be wondering why all this has been put here. Now coming to the point as we have the daily inventory in terms of property, merchandise or in accounting, similarly we need to have a daily inventory system in our life too. A day is gone and we are so tired towards the fag end of the day that we don’t give a second thought to what happened during that day.
We can reflect upon our actions, behaviour and what all we have achieved (in accordance with the goals that we had set for ourselves for the day). Actually a few might be having the opinion that we do our best and then leave the rest. This is because many of believe in the policy of ‘forgive and forget’. But my dear, let me suggest that this approach of analyzing at the end of the day is not at all opposed to the philosophy of forgive and forget. Those who want to forget the past and live in present only also can do this exercise without violating the principles that govern their philosophy of life.
In the evening just ask yourself the following questions:

Have you been able to do justice to the tasks that were allotted to you?
Have you accomplished the targets that you had set for yourself for the day?
Have you been in a pleasant mood and not angry at the slightest pretext?
Have you been thoughtful and acted with precaution today?
Have you been a source of inspiration for others or have you put them off with your melancholic approach?
Have you been impartial and just in your approach in judging others?
Have you added something to the existing with your creativity or have you been killing time indulging in petty and unimportant tasks?
Have you added a smile to the lips of the one having tears hanging in his eyes?
Have you improved yourself in the pursuit of being the best edition of yourself?

(P.S. Are you still reading the questions? You better get going so that you can answer them in a much better way by the time it’s evening!!!)