Pic Src: Heat
Sometimes when the weather is nice
Sometimes when the clouds gather around the scorching sun
Sometimes the heat melts our bones
Sometimes we don't feel the heat even when it's so hot
Sometimes when the mind is clouded with a thought
It is then that we need a shade from the scorching sun
It is then that the shade is provided by care and affection
It is then that those two are missing
It is then that we miss those two the most....

(P.S. I don't think this can be taken to be a poem...but it is just that I penned my thoughts as it is.)


  1. The hot weather is symbolic of a troubled mind needing care and affection like the coolth of a shade to avoid the sun.Nicely written,Amrit

  2. It is nice it poem or what...coz, we oftentimes write what comes in mind, and we don't care about forms...thing is, you have shared your wonderful thoughts anyway!

    This is very nice...but you know I could hardly tolerate hot summer days...I am bound to survive more on cool weather than hot weather...sadly I live in the Philippines where most times of the year it is so hot like now!

    Thanks for finding my space Amrit...:) you have a lovely blog, I will come again! :)



  3. very true. it is when out mind is clouded when need the shade in terms of care and affection. It is in the absence of such care that we feel truly deprived.