Friendship Day Contest Results

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 I was more than glad when I read the entries that I received in response to the Friendship Day contest announced on Literary Jewels a few days back. Friends, today I am going to announce the winner of this contest. Hold your breath, he is Vikas from Gurgaon 

Here is what Vikas  wrote in his email:
“I came across the contest that you had announced on your website ‘Literary Jewels’. At once I was reminded of my school time friend Vishal. We both had parted after we had a fight over a very small reason. It was because of our ego that we both didn’t talk to each other after that. Neither I called him nor did he call me. Inspired by your post I thought of tracing him and meeting him on this friendship day on 7th August, 11.  I typed his name on Google and found his profile on Facebook. I was very happy. It was on 5th August that I left a message for him. And to my surprise he replied within a few hours. We decided to meet on 7th August at an eating joint that we used to frequent during our school time. It was a real treat going there once again and that too with a friend, whom I had needed the most each day after he had gone. But I didn’t have the courage to contact him to patch up. May be my ego was the barrier. Probably the same was the case with him, as I came to know when he came. I’ll skip the details because it was too emotional a meeting. I had the best time of my life.”
P.S. The best part was that both of them were planning to send their story to Literary Jewels as they both had come across the Friendship Day contest organized by the website. Both were inspired by this contest to make up and be friends again.
And I was on cloud nine when I read their story.

NOTE: Photos of the two friends are not being published to protect their privacy as requested by them. 
The prize for Vikas is being readied and will be posted to him in a day or two. A picture will be posted here too...keep watching this space for updates.
Also I would be publishing the three best entries here.


HIMANSHU says, "I'll clean my mirror because he is my best friend."

SAHIL WADHWA wrote, "A great way to celebrate Friendship Day in a memorable way I would make an album of your most intimate and special moments spent together. This can also be the most touching Friendship Day activity for me and my friend as it will help me to rewind and relive our time-tested bonding."

PUNEET BHATTHAL had this to say:
"earlier I used to send friendship day wishes to my close friends through an occasional phone call but mostly through SMSs. Sometimes such messages were touching , hillarious , taunting and teasing etc etc. Sending and receiving these messages meant a lot to me. This was my idea of a FRIENDSHIP DAY . But this time it was different and it was all because of you Amrit...yes you. And today I wanna thank you for that from the core of my heart. Actually what happened, when I read about your contest , I got very much trepped by the idea and started thinking about novel and creative ideas about celebrating the frienship day , calling for a reunion of schooltime friends , planning a small but rocking party with university frnds who are in Ludhiana was another one , a warm get together with colleagues and my mind went from here to there . One night when I was checking my facebook account , I was going through an album by my friend , in which there were many school time pictures. I stopped on one picture - our class 7 picture. Looking at that picture was like reliving those moments , then I had tears in my eyes. I saw ritika , my childhood friend , Ritika Bhandari was her name n she was gem of a person , I cant write mch about her right now because my eyes are moistening by her 'zikar ' only. She died in class 8 when the car, her papa were driving, met with an accident near ropar .it was a great loss to her family but greater loss to me. I was very small to understand all that but I cried and cried and cried , because she was never going to come again. Later on Bhandari uncle got transferred to Panchkula and we lost touch. At that moment ,I decided that I am going to find out Bhandari uncle and aunty and meet them and lo !!! After a few tries the next day I found their number. I dialled the number with trembling fingers and somebody spoke from the other side. Oh my god that was aunty, same voice. I recognised that voice at once. I told her " aunty , I am puneet , from ropar" she paused , I think she cdnt recognise my name , then I told her " aunty I am puneet bhathal , ritika's friend" she recognised me and instead of talking to me, I think in excitement and I don't know whatshe started calling uncle ," bhandari sahab , jaldi aao , dekho puneet da phone hai , bhathal sahab di beti , Riti di friend" n tears were rolling frm my eyes....we talked and cried and talked and cried. It was after 19 years we were talking.(we planned to meet in near future) the time i disconnected the phone. I was contented. I couldn't speak to any body for next about 2 hours ,I had goosebumps. I was happy from deep inside , tears were rolling from my eyes and I was smiling at the same time this was all because of you Amrit . Your idea of friendship day contest triggered you for that."

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