Friendship Day contest

Valentines' Day long gone, here knocks at our doors another happening day, that is, Friendship Day (that falls on 7 August this year). It was on 30 July when World Friendship Day was celebrated. Basically, on the twenty seventh day of April this year, United Nations declared that the day of 30 July would be officially celebrated as the International Friendship Day. The age-old tradition has been that it is the first Sunday of August that is marked as Friendship Day.
It is a celebration of the bond of friendship. It is not just about saying things with flowers, friendship day messages, gifts and chocolates, special friendship day bouquets, friendship day cards etc. but it has a lot more to do with feelings of friendship. Ideally, friendship day should be a day of expression of genuine and heartfelt feelings.
Entangled in the web of the modern complexities of life we have forgotten the real essence of this relationship. It is nowadays when we need to ask a person: "Is your friendship with that person a hi-bye kind?" Can somebody tell me since when have we begun categorizing friendship in this way? It is the gift of so called 'modernity'. We might find time to offer a Friendship Day chocolate, a Friendship Day flower or some other gift but we do not have enough time to lend a concerned ear to the others' problems or simply give a lending ear to the venting out of pent-up feelings of your friend.
This year celebrate Friendship Day in a different your own unique style. Do share your thoughts here how you plan to celebrate it or how you celebrated it.
The most unique entry will win a surprise gift.
Last day for entries is 9 August. You can post your entries to:
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