'Enough is Enough'

Pic Src:Indian Flag

Anna Hazare has been into a war of sorts for the past many days. Patriotism spilled onto the roads. Indian flags could be seen everywhere. It was as if the atmosphere was coloured in the colours of the tricolor of India. The spirit of revolution was infused in various forms. How could literature remain untouched!
I wrote a poem on the theme ‘Enough is Enough’ recited at Academy of Fine Arts and Literature, Siri Fort Institutional Area, New Delhi on 27 August, 2011. Here it goes:

We have been ruled ruthlessly
we have lost our brothers and sisters
we have been made to inherit deaths
but our hearts died not.
We have been beaten black and blue
but we did not let out a sigh.
We have been tortured and trampled upon
but we raised not our head high.
We have been looted
we have been robbed off our sweat and blood
but we whimpered not.
We have been forced to empty our pockets
but we protested not.

Enough is enough now
we’ve slept enough
now we wake up and rise
march ahead
only ahead with courage
towards a new dawn
to answer the reckoning call
of the emerging horizons.


  1. I found this poem very moving. Great stuff, Anna.

  2. Trampled, Beaten, Looted we are and still, for long, Slept we have!

    Your words express the exact emotions of every Indian. Keep writing and keep encouraging.