Chetan Bhagat's latest novel

All those who loved to read 'Five Point Someone', 'One Night at a Call Centre', 'The Three Mistakes of my Life', and '2 States', now get ready for Chetan Bhagat's latest one 'Revolution 2020' that will be released on 8 October, 2011.
'Revolution 2020' is a book about threesome Gopal, Raghav and Aarti, who had been friends since childhood. The novel discusses their conquest for love, fame and success. The author Chetan Bhagat has created a contrast of sorts in two of them, Gopal and Raghav. Both of them are caught in the web of corrupt society but there is a difference in their approach. While Gopal is the one who gives in but Raghav decides to fight it to the last. Then there is Aarti, who waits for the person of her dreams to come into her life. She hopes of a blissful life once her dreams are fulfilled.
So you can look forward to witnessing a tale of three friends, who are trying and planning to convert their lives into success stories.


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  3. This time seems like Chetan isn't getting the enough publicity. I got to know that Chetan is coming out with this one until I didnt receive an email from infibeam asking for pre-order!! I've ordered a couple of them :)