'Moment of Realisation' (by Amritbir Kaur) - Hindustan Times (14 Nov., 2011)

I am elated to present before you my latest article published in Hindustan Times, 'Inner Voice' column, dated 14 November, 2011. I do hope you enjoy reading the same.

Here is the text of the article:

Hindustan Times, 'Inner Voice' column dated 14 November, 2011


“But I have promises to keep/ And miles to go before I sleep...”. ---Robert Frost. We travel miles for the realisation of our dreams. But it might not be miles away always. It can be within one’s own self. It all depends on how well you plan your travel. Often it happens that you travel through side streets and by-lanes and then come out on the main road, and back to the normal, civilised world.

It is like journeying from dreams to reality. Miles seem a magical moment once we come to the realisation of the reality. The dreams are not just about owning a bungalow, being rich and famous, flaunting a fleet of luxury cars etc. The ultimate dream is the dream of knowing oneself. The age old question hanging heavy on our minds has been, “Who am I?” Bulle Shah, the great Sufi saint and poet, questioned his own identity with ‘Bullah ki jana main kaun!’

Once, while sitting in a park, with trees standing tall on the boundary of the park, I was watching the sunset. The scattered clouds over the blue canvas enhanced this colourful effect. I intently watched the sky change from blue shining in the sunlight, to a bright orange. The clouds glowed and then darkened gradually.

I could feel my own self descending into myself as the natural slide switched hues. My heart repeatedly asked, “Who am I? What am I doing here?” I was travelling inside me like King Lear’s journey within.

By the time I got up, it was dark outside but I knew I carried a light within me. I told myself, I have to spread this light. I am a speck of the glowing lamp of the Supreme Power. It is He who lends us the spark. It is then that I told myself, “I am a messenger who has to pass on the light to others, to the whole world around to preserve the sanctity of soul, to protect it from the ensnarling clutches of bewitching worldly chains.” Finally, I had the answer to who am I?


  1. Great sages have always urged the devotees who sought their guidance to embark on the journey to find the aanswer to the question'Who am I' and thereby obtain realisation.
    A nice article

  2. Just wanted to put forward something which was hanging around me for quite sometime, what someone recently told me - 'know yourself by heart' - as a response to 'I have many things by heart.'