Facebook and Literature

Life is all about Facebook now. A person can be called 'informed' only if he is always in and out of Facebook. Starting his roaming here from his desktop. Then he might want to take some rest, so he shifts on to his laptop, while reclining comfortably on his bed. Suddenly a while later, he gets a business call and he has to leave the cozy comfort of 'Facebooking' to attend an urgent business meeting. Now what! But there are no worries now. He continues to shower the likes uninterrupted because he has it all on his palms now, thanks to the fully loaded phone. Till this point it was still acceptable. But things have gone too far now. The literature being produced by the youngsters these days, is becoming more and more centred around Facebook and they are all love stories. It is as if talking about the Facebook is the only marketing strategy left. They all want to cash in on the popularity of Facebook. The latest in this line-up or should we say 'pile-up' is Sudeep Nagarkar's 'It all started with a friend request'.

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