Cricket and Literature

'Cricket', the mere word does not refer to just the sport itself. It has much expanded dimensions (Of course let alone the huge monetary dimensions added by the IPL...!!!) Cricket was already a religion in India. The sport that had already established its ties with the entertainment industry and Bollywood, the ties that were of matrimony and love, is now even more directly connected with IPL teams owned by  many film stars. Then another important field that cricket has come to show its presence in is the world of 'word play' and writers.

Let's take just the most recent instances where we saw a popularistic amalgam of writing and cricket. If it was Rahul Dravid and Sreesanth at the Jaipur Literature Festival in 2013, it was Raj Kundra this time in 2014 at the same festival, organised at Diggi Palace, Jaipur from 17 to 21 January. The reasons behind the participation of both were different. While Rahul Dravid was there to launch the book 'Pataudi: Nawab of Cricket', edited by Suresh Menon, Raj Kundra was here to take part in a panel discussion on two books that included his maiden novel 'How not to Make Money'. 

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