Political Diary #1

Welcome to Political Diary #1

VVIP Culture

It was a pre-election exercise when a large number of political leaders in Delhi signed  a pledge to end the VIP culture before the Delhi State Assembly Elections 2015. The results of that election will of course go down in history with the kind of win Arvind Kejriwal and the Aam Aadmi Party scripted. Kejriwal today fulfilled another of his promises, as AAP claims, of launching the anti-graft helpline. The boards flashed there clearly stated 'VVIP entry gate' and those related to special parking too at the Talkatora Stadium. It is but obvious that the Kejriwal would be posed questions about this both by the common man and media too. Giving the justification about this, the AAP party members have put forward an opinion that this much is required to ensure smooth governance. 

In the light of this statement we have two aspects to it. One is that the party is right in saying so and of course doing so. The reason being that if this is not done, the situation will be chaotic and become quite difficult to handle. We have the culture of pouring in over any VIP spotted in public. When it is the case of a political function, it'll consume a lot of unwanted time too in controlling the entry and exit. A very pertinent point is that of not using beacons atop vehicles, huge bungalows and other things like that. 

But the bigger question is that Kejriwal won the elections with unique claims and promises. He always portrayed himself and his party's ideologies as poles apart from all other 'corrupt' parties. Now we are being made witness to a u-turn every other day. A u-turn in the sense that every unique aspect of the image is being shattered part by party. It is as if the things are falling to its normal political place. 

The VVIP culture is of course a clear deviation from the 'aam aadmi', who has to sleep out in the open, sometimes not even with a blanket on during the winters. Now let's wait, how this anti-graft helpline 1031, functions. Launching a scheme is one thing but its effective functioning the other much more important half. Let's hope we see something different through 1031. Amen!

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