I Still Love the Rainbow!

It's not without a grain of truth that a person relives his childhood with his kid/s. It takes just a fraction of a second, a momentary activity that transports you to the world of fantasy, mirth, gaiety, carelessness, carefree world with a charm that can never end with the only condition that you don't let the child inside you die a sudden death devoid of emotions and playfulness. It's as simple as being a kid with a kid around! Believe me that works wonder not only on the kid by keeping him/her in high spirits but also has a magical effect on you.
For me it was just a simple activity of chasing peacocks in the field in the green haven near our house. Running behind the peacock to be in closer proximity, O what fun it was! And did my daughter enjoy! The moment when she said, 'Mom I am so happy you brought me here. Thank you Mumma!' (Of course she said the exact words in her mother tongue, Punjabi); it was like heaven for me. I forgot the whole world around, the dark and dreary realities that surround us, the cobwebs that won't let us be free even for a second and the gnawing evil intentions of the world. I was free, completely free. All that we did after that was run behind peacocks, searching for them behind bushes, running on dried leaves and refurbishing the broken ties with Nature.
The breeze befriended me. And I still love the rainbow!