Life's Good

"Three things you cannot recover till death - The moments once they are gone, undo the mistakes we committed and the words once uttered.
If there is no second chance, then why in the first place do we learn from our mistakes. To make our future better? To get out of a guilt? All this is of no use if we can't change our past."
Let's think about it a bit.

Life is not a static entity. Life means we keep on moving forward with each passing moment. The stagnant water only gets dirty. Stagnation is death. Even the proverb that says, 'Rolling stone gathers no moss' entails that inspite of staying at a place to gather moss, we need to keep ourselves in action. Being standstill and stationary won't fetch us feathers for our cap. Why would one want to undo one's mistakes when the time is already gone? Look at the time ahead, you still have that in your hands. You can remedy the wrongs words uttered by you. All that you need is a genuine warmth of feelings and intentions, a heartfelt desire to change and a feeling that 'Yes you do care!' And then the magic begins! Stay Positive!
~ Amritbir 

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